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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Leica M240 Body Only

The new Leica M is the most inventive and adaptable M-Camera that the cutting edge M-System has ever made.

It joins many years of involvement in rangefinder innovation with earth shattering advanced advances: It includes a totally recently grew high-determination full-organize CMOS sensor that, in mix with its elite processor and the fabulous M-Lenses, conveys extraordinary imaging results. With Live View, video, and new extra centering techniques, it is additionally the M for picture takers who don't wish to pass up a major opportunity for any of what advanced computerized innovation brings to the table.

Upper Normandy returned to - Magnum picture taker Jean Gaumy comes back to his roots

As a change from going through far off nations, globetrotting Magnum picture taker Jean Gaumy caught impressions of his local district Upper Normandy – for Leica. With the new Leica M in his baggage, he has made a strongly individual 'photograph journal' that gives a casual, verging on private, perspective of this waterfront locale and its occupants.

Leica Max 24 MP Sensor for most extreme imaging quality

The Leica M includes a totally recently planned high-determination, 24 megapixel CMOS sensor in full 35 mm position. The blend of the camera's picture processor and this Leica Max 24 MP sensor ensures extraordinary imaging quality. Its shrewd outline and level pixel engineering empowers every individual pixel to assemble an especially substantial measure of light. This outcomes in pictures portrayed by unrivaled sharpness and greatest spatial determination. The new M conveys to a great degree low-commotion and lavishly point by point pictures, even at higher sensitivities of up to ISO 6400. What's more, now, because of the 1080 pixel, full-HD video capacity of the Leica M, the great imaging quality is accessible for moving pictures, as well.

The new CMOS sensor is planned and built for the utilization of both Leica M and R lenses on the Leica M. Since, with the new Leica R-Adapter M, all Leica-R legacy lenses can be utilized on the Leica M growing the alternatives of the Leica M into the universe of Leica R photography.

Quick Leica Maestro picture processor

In conjunction with the new sensor, the Leica Maestro processor lets the Leica M set totally new gauges as far as picture preparing speed. It forms the picture information touching base from the sensor and changes them into unmistakable pictures at greatly high speeds and can likewise perform even the most complex preparing steps quick. On account of the vitality effective imaging gadgets of the processor and sensor, a solitary charge of the Leica M's new 1800 mAh lithium-particle battery can keep going a to a great degree long time.

Widespread capacities with Live View and the electronic viewfinder

The new Leica M is the principal ever M to include Live View and Live View Focusing. This implies now, surprisingly, pictures can be created utilizing the real picture delivered by the lens – with complete control of profundity of field, presentation, exact encircling and centering. Its extensive, high-determination 3" screen permits exact evaluation of the subject seen through the perspective. This opens up totally new open doors for M-Photographers that already lay a long ways past the constraints of rangefinder photography, similar to large scale and telephoto exposures, or utilizing the screen as a viewfinder.

Live View can be utilized with both M and R lenses. In a roundabout way, it additionally empowers proprietors of R lenses to utilize the discretionary Visoflex EVF2 electronic viewfinder. The Leica M can be utilized with a R-Adapter, R-Lenses and a viewfinder precisely like a SLR, without utilizing the screen.

Sprinkle verification camera body

On account of the numerous years of experience accumulated by our specialists in the development of camera bodies, the new Leica M is worked without trade off for greatest soundness and immaculate fixing. Its top and base plates are machined from strong metal, and its full-metal body is made in one piece from high-quality magnesium combination. Uniquely planned elastic seals ensure the camera body against dust and water shower. The glass covering plate of its high-determination screen is made from especially extreme and scratch-safe Corning® Gorilla® glass. This makes the Leica M especially versatile and ensures it a long and solid working life.

All the new elements of the Leica M at a

- Outstanding picture quality because of recently created LEICA MAX CMOS Sensor

- Extended applications with Live View and electronic viewfinder

- Simple, high-exactness centering on account of Live View center and center cresting

- Digital fullframe for Leica R lenses, with the Leica R-Adapter M

- "Leica Look" recordings with Full HD video catch (1080p)

- Enhanced affectability range up to ISO 6400

- 3" show with 920,000 pixels, Corning® Gorilla® glass screen defender

- Fast picture preparing by the Leica Maestro picture processor

- Splash ensured body

- Extremely long battery life

- Multi-example and spot introduction metering

- Revised ergonomics and controls