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Friday, June 10, 2016

The New Underwater Olympus Is the Platypus of Cameras

Olympus' most recent ruggedized camera is an odd duck. Really, it's more similar to a platypus—an insane mashup of thoughts that by one means or another works. How about we begin with the name: The Stylus Tough TG-Tracker. That sounds like something you'd name a pickup, which is fitting, since this thing is about as extreme as a truck.

In case you're the sort of individual who can utilize a spear firearm, drinks extensive amounts of Red Bull, or possesses a couple of crampons, this is the camera for your go-sack. Olympus composed it to be a go-anyplace, shoot-anything activity camera. It resembles a Ricoh WG-M2 with better locally available instruments.

Past the name and discretionary green accents, the abnormality proceeds with a lens mounted as an afterthought. It's directly under a light that puts out 60 lumens for an entire moment and 30 lumens for 30 minutes—extraordinary for submerged photography or getting your midnight rundown the mountain. The lens arrangement, consolidated with a 1.5-inch LCD screen that flips open and a single handed grip connection, make this apparatus appropriate to catching video of your amazing enterprises. Consider it a little camcorder with strong specs.

How strong? The pocketable TG-Tracker records 4K video at 30fps and 720p video at up to 120fps. For stills, an unassuming 8-megapixel determination keeps up sensible pixel thickness on the 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor. The 14mm/F2.0 lens catches a crazy 204-degree field of perspective, which implies the optics are sufficiently wide to see somewhat behind you. At long last, a camera that gives you a chance to catch Trent flipping you off in sharp detail after you've flashed past him on your dogsled.

Those are precisely the sorts of things Olympus envisions individuals shooting, so it secured the TG-Tracker with a freezeproof/waterproof/drop-confirmation outline and pressed it with sensors in abundance. GPS, a compass, a gauge, an accelerometer, and a temperature gage are all secured. You can utilize all of them as standalone instruments, or draw off cool traps like begin recording once you've hit a particular pace or height. The camera binds every one of that information to your clasps, and Olympus' versatile application gives you a chance to explore your footage on a guide interface.

Tantamount to it is ashore, the TG-Tracker ought to be significantly more helpful submerged. You can bring it down 100 feet without an issue, and every one of those sensors tell the camera when it's submerged. Olympus says the TG consequently alters the white-equalization and introduction submerged, and it'll keep frontal area and foundation objects unmistakable notwithstanding when the fog light is on. Simply don't anticipate that it will catch that shark sneaking up behind you: The field of perspective drops to 94 degrees when you're submerged, and to 84 degrees in case you're utilizing the 5-hub computerized camera adjustment.

On the off chance that this sounds like an extraordinary apparatus for your next experience, you'll be psyched to realize that it ought to be here in time for summer excursion. The TG-Tracker ships one month from now for $350. That cost incorporates a single handed grip, a submerged lens defender, and a selfie-reflect so you can shred El Colorado on a monoski while chugging Mountain Dew and post the confirmation to Insta.

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